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Ubuntu + winehq + winetricks + phpDesigner (English)

phpDesigner comes with intelligent syntax highlighting, help
like you, even as the encoding type when Object Oriented (OOP), or
work with your favorite frameworks in PHP.

phpDesigner comes with full support for real debugging of your PHP
scripts with the support of Xdebug, remote ftp editing and more
hundreds of other cool features!

You can get phpDesigner the following address:

If you don’t, install wineHQ.

We need ‘winetricks’ or you may if got everything working on wine, may try Enable libraries (overwrite) ‘MSXML3 (native, builin).  but I
haven’t try that approach, i will explain ‘winetricks’ because that is what Idid.

Open terminal and:

cd  ~/Desktop
chmod +x winetricks

In ‘winetricks’ window enabled: riched30, MSXML3 msxml6 and install them.

Perform this before installing phpDesigner, once installed, we continue with:
We need to emulate wine  in ‘winxp’ mode, open wine and:
Applications-> Wine-> Settings-> Applications-> Add and choose Applications phpDesigner.exe

At least in my case with my current graphics card and system i also enable emulation of a
virtual desktop to 1024 x 768, dont know if this is necessary (always do that went install wineHQ), but it seems that various programs i have run much better.

Once said: Apply -> exit wine
Done!, Download and run the installer using wineHQ



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