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supybot google plugin alternative without simplejson

I use supybot in a server as a normal user, also ran supybot from $HOME, you may know the original Google plugin require you to install simplejson and which the server i use dont have, so I wrote this simple plugin as an alternative to the original, Focusing on my own needs, I include some other little plugins, you are welcome to add/modify the plugin as you want, if you wish your additions/modifications be include in the next release of Pgoogle, please send them to:

The Supybot svn Site:

DOWNLOAD Pgoogle here:

INSTALL: untar the file, copy/move folder Pgoogle into your plugins folder, thats all!

@load Pgoogle
@list Pgoogle
@help Pgoogle

NOTE: If you are not using the original Google plugin, may be a good idea rename the service from Pgoogle to Google, you can do by editing ./plugins/Pgoogle/ then replace strings pgoogle for google.

Thanks and Have fun!



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