Borednomore – Random wallpaper installer

Borednomore Ver. 0.01
Sat Mar 28, 2009 at 10am

NOTE: This script is changing from time to time, please try to download it from the black “Box” on the right (Under Borednomore-VERSION) if for any reason the link in this post do not work.

At this time You Need: *BSD / Linux, gnome2, wget and lynx installed.

This script change randomly your wallpaper from, the pictures are supply in random fashion from the site, making this little script fun to view and not too boring.


Download the file from:
…and look at the BOX window, click on Borednomore-VERSION

Unzip it:
tar xvf Borednomore
cd Borednomore
chmod +x Borednomore

if you like to installed for everybody on the system, become root and:

cp Borednomore /usr/bin/Borednomore
chmod +x /usr/bin/Borednomore

Simple execute the program:

Try help:
./Borednomore -help

To uninstall wallpapers try:
./Borednomore -unset

Make sure you have write permits in the directory where Borednomore is located, this script by default will try to download up to 20 new pictures / wallpapers from and do a 180 seconds per picture slide show in your Desktop, however you can put your own pictures and run Borednomore with the neccesary arguments to instruct the script to don’t download and regenerate your own XML file, you may use -d to change the time in seconds, please use -help to see how can you do that.

If you like, put it on crontab! that way will download new files automaticly, remember by default the wallpaper last 180 seconds, multiply that by 20 (number of wallpapers the script will download at one time), that equals 1 hr, set your crontab to 1hr and you are in business.
To edit your crontab do (if you want to do this …you must edit and modify to reflect your needs):
crontab -e

and add:
0 1 * * * /path/to/your/Borednomore/

This will run every 60 minutes.

Thank you for using this program, have fun!
Download Borednomore here:



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