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Borednomore-0.02b Release

I release a new version of my tool, this new version now have support for, and, some bugs are been fix and features add, this next description was taken from the output.
./Borednomore -credits

Creates a slide-show with wallpapers
from,, custom URI randomly
or if prefer from your own pictures by copy them.
to the wallpaper directory and run:

./Borednomore -download

Author: Alex R. Rodriguez ( )
Contributors: Cousteau (freenode @ #ubuntu-es)
Notes: This is the backend script.

To add your own wallpaper, add them to the 'wallpapers' directory and run:
./Borednomore -download

Use -help for more options.

Get the latest from, then

tar xvf Borednomore
cd Borednomore
chmod +x Borednomore
./Borednomore -help

To deinstall wallpapers:
./Borednomore -unset

Have a nice day! =)



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